Services for international schools International Schools overview

Good international schools are exciting, inspirational places.  International schools also present very specific challenges to the people who lead, own or work in them.

This is why we have set up a world-class team of specialists to help already-established international schools become even more successful and to support the international expansion of existing school brands, from the UK or elsewhere.

Our services to international schools include:

Head and School Principal appointments – ensuring the best leaders from around the world join the right schools for the right reasons.

Appraisals and reviews of school leaders – including providing external mediation and support in contract negotiation.

Governance reviews and training for Boards of Directors – helping them achieve their objectives and work effectively with the school’s leadership.

Strategic marketing consultancy – in many cities or saturated markets, schools need to compete hard for new pupils, develop a new proposition for the changing demographic or work more efficiently and effectively at recruiting pupils.  We can help.

SchoolPulse ® – the RSAcademics suite of on-line, benchmarked satisfaction and perception surveys for parents, staff and pupils.

Establishing a new school – advice and practical support to brand owners who are looking to expand or set up a new franchised operation.  Working with other specialist agencies and experts, as required, we help schools in the UK and elsewhere understand and weigh up the options and risks, choose partners and negotiate contracts.

“There was real value in the insights provided by the quantitative research, which has provided us with reassurance and confidence in our strategy for the future.”

Dragana HartleyMarketing and Communciations Director, Cheltenham Ladies' College